Find out on this page: how to volunteer; hire the spaces and other facilities; and influence the future of the centre.


Volunteers are the life-blood of the centre; without their generosity and goodwill, there would be no centre.  Can you give a hand a few hours a week?
Volunteering here is not only a way to keep local library services going, but to ensure Blythe Bridge retains a central place where our community can meet in comfort and safety.

Although most building costs are underwritten by the county council, the centre must pay its own running costs, which means we must rely on volunteers to run both the day-to-day business of the centre and the overall management.

The biggest need is for people simply to staff the centre and deal with the public. Training is given in how to lend out books, and there is always someone experienced on hand to give advice should an unexpected question come up.

Although Blythe Bridge is a relatively small library branch, it does have a Local Studies section with books and pamphlets about the history of the district and surrounding area.  If you’d like to get involved in curating that section, please contact us.

If you are interested in volunteering, a form is available: either online (see Blythe Volunter Application Form) or at the desk  at Blythe Centre, or email for more information.

Hiring the Meeting areas, Art Gallery space and Presentation cases

The centre is a warm and welcoming space, and is open nearly all daylight hours. What better place to put on an activity or presentation for the surrounding community?

# Use of large space for meetings/performances room.  This space is in the very centre of the main room, so is only available outside library hours. It would hold nearly one hundred people seated, so is ideal for a film show or popular lecture etc. A monitor for slideshows or Powerpoint displays is available.
# Use of small space for meetings.  We can create a smaller space for meetings by partitioning off areas of the library at any time to create such smaller spaces. However, the partitions are not sound-proof.  (Evening hours are available on request).
# Meeting Room (maximum 10 seats). Available at any time, and ideal for a small discussion-group or private meetings.

# One wall of the centre is deliberately left bare for artists and art-groups to display their work. It could also be used by someone who wishes to display documents in frames.  Cost: £15 per month

There are also two glass display cases.
# Our most popular one is seven feet tall (with shelving inside it) and is often used by artists displaying small objects.  Cost:  £7.50 per month
# The other is a case three feet across.  Community groups and opinion groups (e.g. Fairtrade) often use this to advertise what they do.

We have a leaflet rack and notice board.  Businesses and organisations are welcome to display posters here; cost for an A3-size poster is £2 for 3 weeks; cost for an A4 or A4-size poster is £1 for 3 weeks.

If you would like to hire out or use any of these, please email us.


The Care & Fun Charity is well-known in Blythe Bridge for running children’s activities on a non-profit making basis.
Because of its experience in running community activities, the charity was entrusted in 2016 by the county council with the management of the new-look library-centre.

The trustees who sit on the management board, all local people and including some district councillors, are not paid.
The board not only deals with working practices, but also decides future policy.
Do you have some experience of managing similar situations? If so, would you be prepared to offer your expertise?  Helen Bickerton, the chair of Care & Fun would love to hear from you…
The Charity Commission number for Care & Fun is 1121966


3 thoughts on “GET INVOLVED

    1. Fantastic team

      Thank you Linda. Our 22 weekly volunteers all have a fantastic passion for our centre, the library and all that we are working to achieve in the community. We just celebrated our 1 year volunteering together anniversary.
      Whilst we have had a few new volunteers come on board and we welcome more, what is great to see is the number of original volunteers still with us; it’s a great team to be part of.
      Helen Bickerton (Care And Fun)


  1. Upholstery skills?

    Do you know anyone or do you have any knowledge in upholstery? There are 12 more chairs that need to be upholstered at Blythe Bridge Library but they are more complicated than the ten that have already been done.
    There is a group of volunteers ready to start but they just need some advice on how to do just one effectively. Thanks in advance :
    Jacquie Boston Leach



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