On this page, read about: our management; our history; our opening hours

The Blythe Bridge Centre is open to all.  It directly serves the districts of Blythe Bridge, Forsbrook, Stallington, Draycott – but everyone is welcome.

You will find the centre right in the middle of Blythe Bridge village, on the main public car-park.  Postal address is Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge ST11 9JR.
To contact us, phone (office hours only) 01782 485269 (no longer 296400), or email blythebridge.library@staffordshire.gov.uk

If you wish to borrow books, you will need a Staffordshire County Council library-card.  Click here for an online form, or ask one of the staff for a form, or email blythebridge.library@staffordshire.gov.uk
To see what the county libraries service can offer you, click here.

For enquiries about this website, email blythecentre@gmail.com

Opening hours (we do not close for lunch)
Monday:      1pm-7pm
Tuesday:      9am-5pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday:     9am-5pm    (previously: 9am-6pm)
Friday:          9am-5pm
Saturday:     9am-1pm
Sunday:       Closed
For bank holiday closures, click here


Our story

In 2016, Staffordshire County Council handed over the day-to-day running of many its branch libraries to local communities.
In Blythe Bridge, The Care & Fun Charity, working with residents, stepped forward to take on the overall responsibility. A team of volunteers now runs the centre.
The new team has brought changes – re-organising the building, and extending the opening hours and services.
Blythe Centre is now a neighbourhood hub – a focus for group projects and public events -, as well as a library.

It now also has a new name: no longer Blythe Bridge Library, but ‘Blythe Centre – Your Community, Your Library’

However, the county council still maintains the building.
The county council’s professional librarians still support the library element of the centre, although they are not usually on the premises.


The Care & Fun Charity (Charity No 1121966) is well-known in Blythe Bridge for running children’s activities, among others, on a non-profit making basis.  The trustees who sit on the charity’s management board – all local people, including some district councillors – are not paid.

The Care & Fun Charity gave up the management of the nursery at William Amory Primary School in August 2017.  The school had decided it wanted to run the nursery itself.   In a goodbye-and-thanks letter, CFC and chairperson Helen Bickerton expressed their gratitude to all that had helped in the venture – click on this link to see it, CFC Final Letter


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