Santa’s little helpers

Guess who’s coming along?

Ready for Xmas? Well, we are; and Santa (who knows everything) will be paying us a visit cos we’ve been good!

Photo of Santa by bruce mars from Pexels.comYes, the Blythe Centre’s Christmas Fair (on Saturday December 8th) will feature the very Father Claus as our special guest, and you are all invited (especially children).
See you then, we hope.

On a serious note though… fairs at the centre, like this one, really do contribute, not just to the good feelings here, but to the centre’s very existence. The fact is that all proceeds from this Christmas Fair will go towards the running and long-term sustainability of operating the Library & Centre.
So… you will be welcome on Saturday in more ways than one…

Helen the radio star

One thing that Santa definitely is aware of is that this library-centre only exists because members of the local community not only want it to be here, and use it, but because they get involved to ensure it keeps running.
Blythe is a community-managed library, so it could not be here without residents’ positive support.

Helen Bickerton, who is the chairperson of the centre, was recently on BBC Radio Stoke to champion libraries and their potential. And it seems it have worked – as, apparently, some people who heard the broadcast were so enthused by what they heard that they decided to ‘step over the threshold’ and see what their local library had to offer.
Well done Helen…

Never be afraid of your computer again…

And – just to prove the point – welcome to community member Steve Hanley, who has offered to run a monthly session to help beginners cope with their computers.
Steve works for the National Careers Service, and he knows from his experience of that work that anyone who wants to get on in modern life needs to be confident with computers.

Photo by bruce mars on of woman using her laptop

Steve is offering to support people’s efforts with IT – his first session will be in January (see our Events Page for dates), but … places will be limited, so please put your name down with library reception staff to say you are coming along.

Incidentally, Steve’s methodology follows an accredited learning programme, so you can expect to progress quickly.
More advanced users are welcome to apply too, and Steve will see what he can offer you.

PS … there is lots more about what’s happening at the centre in our monthly newsletter. If you haven’t yet picked up your copy from the centre, here’s an online version of it: Blythe Newsletter Dec 2018 (opens as PDF)

And finally…

Whereever you are on December 25th, best wishes from all of us at the Blythe Centre, and remember to have…


~ ~ ~
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