Armistice remembrance

Unsurprisingly this month’s post is dominated by one event – the 100th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, the day when peace came to the world again and the terrible Great War finally came to its end.
Here at the centre over the last few weeks, everybody has been involved one way or another with the remembrance of that 1914-18 conflict, whether supporting commemorative initiatives or directly taking part.

This week especially we’ll be holding our breath to see what happens to the marvellous commemorative quilt (see pic, below) designed and made here by the centre’s Quilting Group. It has been donated to the British Legion West Midlands Branch, and is being auctioned for charity.
Remembrance quilt made b the Quilting Group
There were hopes that it would go on display at a local art gallery first, but in fact it was whisked off fairly quickly to Warwick, where it will feature in the Midlands Poppy Ball on November 2nd.

The British Legion rep in Stafford, Annmarie Jones, was delighted when she saw it, and she’s convinced it will raise a lot of money for the Legion.
Well done one and all…


Naturally, the volunteers felt there had to be a display to mark this significant event, especially bearing in mind that so many local young people died tragically all those years ago in that brutal war.

So, visitors will have noticed our display at the entrance to the library – featuring the some of the knitted poppies which have so seized the imagination of local people.

Blythe Centre poppy Remembrance display

Blythe Centre poppy Remembrance display

Talking of poppies, we’d be very happy to welcome YOU here, if you can make it, on Thursday 1st November, when Levison Wood is organising a PIN A POPPY session (between 3.00pm to 4.30).
Lev needs your help to pin 3000 poppies (all made by local knitters!) onto netting. The resulting artwork will produce a marvellous effect, falling like a veil, when it is hung a few days later from the Calvary Cross at St. Peter’s.
Everyone of all ages is welcome to come and help. And, don’t forget, we have a drinks machine here – so no one need go thirsty while they’re working.

Centenary play

Finally, especially for those who love theatre & music, there is a major production here on the evening of Wednesday 14 Nov.

‘Crossings’ is a play that has been written to be used as part of Staffordshire’s ‘Live & Local‘ First World War Centenary Project.
It’s a sombre but fascinating performance – half set in 1919, half set in the modern-day. It tells the story of Margaret and Grace, and their memories of Margaret’s brother who died in the Great War. Their lives are strangely reflected in the modern-day second act, in which we meet Mirjana who has escaped the Balkans War.
Combining powerful storytelling, live music and a waltz or two, this beautifully crafted play will make for a memorable evening.
As usual, you can book online, or just buy advance tickets at the library desk.
For details of all other events at the library centre, please check our Activities & Events page.


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