Preparations for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day – the day peace came to Europe after four years of horrifying fighting – are well advanced all over the country.
The weekend of November 11th will see many commemorative events – and we are pleased to say that the users & staff here at Blythe Centre are playing their part.

The local Thousand-Poppies project was started by one of our own volunteers; a beautiful WWI Remembrance quilt has been created by the knitters who meet here; the local Rotary is holding a commemoration evening here; and today we are also announcing a new poppy project that anyone can take part in.

1000 Poppies

Well done to Gill Crowther who came up with the lovely idea of knitting red poppies for the 100th anniversary.
Knitted poppies made by Hayley PrimeGill, who volunteers here on a Thursday (and other times!), is also treasurer of the Blythe & District History Society; and the library and the society and local residents have enthusiastically picked up on her idea, so much so that the 1000 mark has already been reached!
Lev Wood, the well-known secretary of the history society, has been driving the project along, and he is very pleased with progress. He has asked people not to stop knitting though: he’s aiming for a display locally that he hopes will be truly moving, and so, the more poppies the better.

(You can get instructions on how to knit the poppies from Rachael Moore at the Sizzatrix hair salon, near the Co-op – which is just what Hayley Prime did – see her poppies in the pic. The deadline for completed poppies is Sept 30th.).

Staffordshire remembers
Not everyone can knit of course, so the Libraries service has come up with a way for all of us to join in.
You still make poppies, but these poppies are to be made of cut-ups of newspaper or card. The idea is to use something personal into the making – like, say, one’s old letters or even old photos or old newspaper clippings – to make the poppy special. See ‘Staffordshire Remembers’ for details.

These poppies have to be made to a particular shape and size – so please use the template. Even children can make these, so Staffordshire is expecting tens of thousands to be created.
When you have made your poppy, hand it in here at Blythe Library Centre, where it will be carefully packed and sent to Stafford – where it will form part of a giant display in November.

Quilt of remembrance

Well done too to our Quilting Group.

Quilting group at Blythe Centre
The group (see pic above) is very successful, with over a dozen members usually at the Thursday sessions, so it was no surprise when they were asked to create a quilt on the theme of Remembrance. Each member did a section, as is the way with quilts, and it was completed a couple of weeks ago.
Right now, demand for it is high that it has already been taken for display in Stoke, but we do hope one day to have it on display in the centre too.
In next month’s edition of this web-bulletin, we will have photos of it too.

Tribute evening

Blythe Rotary Club have organised an evening here on Wednesday 26th Sept to remember the role of the ordinary soldier in war.
In particular, the evening will remember the Blythe Bridge man whose bravery in WW1 was so commended that he was awarded the Victoria Cross – Private Ernest Egerton.  An account of the role of the North Staffs Regiment in the conflict will also be outlined.
The modern soldier is not forgotten – with a talk on life in the Royal Marines.
However, it is not just talking – music by the Penkhull Brass Band, including a Last Post ceremony – is also taking place.

As you’d expect, tickets (£7) are going fast, so please call in to the centre if you want to be sure of getting one.

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