Pastimes in the heat

Hasn’t it been hot??!!
(The weather is supposed to calm down a little toward the latter half of August, but it’s been such a surprising summer that we’re taking nothing for granted.)

So, as you’d expect, we’ve seen a run on gardening books… With fruits ripening earlier – and the opposite problem, of dehydrated plants -, there’s a lot to research. Come and check out what we have in stock!


Talking of the garden, there is no better pastime on a long hot afternoon than to go outside and while the time away reading a book.

woman wearing green top reading book

A good read! (Photo by Artem Bali)

One volunteer, Jan, read After You by Jojo Moyes, which she really enjoyed.
She told us: “If you like books dealing with human relationships, this is the book for you. It has excellent description of the various characters’ personalities and ways of dealing with emotional problems. It’s an easy book to read because it’s so well written.
Jan’s favourite author of all is the early twentieth-century novelist, D.H. Lawrence, who also wrote with great insight about relationships between men and women.

Why not let us know if you, like Jan, took a book out of the library that you really enjoyed? Just email us, and we’ll publish your assessment.

If you have the time to talk to our volunteers, they can make recommendations of books for you, based on your tastes and interests.


This month, there are lots of crafts sessions for children at the centre. But it is not just the children who get to make stuff.

The very popular Quilting and Knit & Natter groups also end up creating some lovely works, some of which are donated to our Craft Sales Area.
These local craft products do not only make great, unique gifts but also provide income which really helps support this library project. We receive a 25% commission, and that does add up after time.

Crafts sales area at Blythe Centre

Crafts sales area at Blythe Centre

Current stock includes knitted items, quilts and cushions (including some from Made by Nan) and bags, phone holders and aprons (a lot made by The Sew Sisters).
Do let us know if you’d also like to sell similar items in the centre.

Now… where’s that sun-tan lotion? !!


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